Using Neurofeedback to Manage Fear

Using Neurofeedback to Manage Fear thumbnail image

Fear is an important component of human evolution; healthy fear helps us avoid danger and preserves the species.

But unfortunately, some people (children and adults) are plagued by fear or may remain in a nearly-constant state of fear, unable to separate the useful fears from their habitual reactions. Fear may take familiar and specific forms – fear of flying, for example – or it may be more generalized. Such fears can be caused by early trauma, anxiety, depression or unknown sources.

The good news is that fear, whatever the manifestation and whatever the cause, is superbly responsive to neurofeedback training. The fear response is easily recognized through brain training and improved regulation can reduce the sense of dread and anxiety that severely limits the lives of those who live with fear.

Neurofeedback can open individuals to new experiences and learning that have previously been denied them because of the powerful fear response.

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