After the Affair

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Are you experiencing INFIDELITY In Your RELATIONSHIP?

Do you fear that your marriage could be over No matter what side of the fence you are standing on, dealing with the pain and emotions associated with the unfortunate and complex situation of an affair can create hurdles that, without help, could take years to overcome.

If your PARTNER has been UNFAITHFUL you may be feeling:

  • Betrayed and angry
  • Deeply Wounded
  • Suspicious of everything your partner does and says
  • Alone and Frightened
  • Insecure

Physically or mentally Unstable. If YOU have been UNFAITHFUL you may feel:

Guilt and Remorse

That you will Never Regain the Trust of your partner Relieved to have found a “Way Out” of a “Bad” Relationship Justified because of something your spouse has done. 


Infidelity is an urgent “Cry For Help” in a relationship. It is a painful sign that something, or many things are wrong. The situation is quite different for the victim of an affair and for those who have been unfaithful.

Feelings and emotions run high and deep on both sides. But There Is Hope. You have Somewhere To Turn, Someone who can help you get through this trying time, An Effective Professional who Understands and Knows How to Heal both You & Your Relationship.

Over the past three decades, Dr. Fibus has counseled thousands of couples who have struggled with infidelity. Dr. Fibus and his team can help you, too. Rely on the support of a skilled professional who will personally walk you through the HEALING process.

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