November 19, 2018
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An 'Interesting' Character

Dr. Fibus is definitely an interesting “character”. He keeps me laughing about things I never thought about as humorous before.


Getting Me the Results I Want

I usually like to understand what a doctor is doing when he is treating me. In the past, I have gotten too good at understanding and analyzing the techniques of my past doctors and personal coaches and this has made it too easy for me to get in my own way. I’m presently fine not totally understanding exactly what Dr. Fibus is doing in our sessions. Whatever he’s doing is getting me the results I want and that’s good enough for me.


Nothing Seems to Shock Him

Nothing seems to shock him and that makes me feel more comfortable talking.


My Best Results With Him

I’ve been to a number of good therapists in my lifetime. Dr. Fibus’ approach is different than all of the others and I have gotten my best results with him. My husband and I like Dr. Fibus and will continue for as long as we can afford it. He is definitely cheaper than two divorce attorneys.


Dr. Fibus was Gracious

I tried to flirt with him, which is what I have learned to do to gain control over men. Dr. Fibus was gracious. He understood what I was trying to do and he helped me use the situation as a platform to grow from.


Dr. Fibus Does Good Work

My wife is very controlling and she drove our last three therapists nuts. Somehow, Fibus has made her feel safe in our sessions. As a result, she has gotten out of the way and she lets him guide us. We have made progress. I’m writing this comment because Dr. Fibus does good work and it deserves to be known.


He Gave Us What we Needed

After a few sessions with Dr. Jay Fibus, we felt we could handle things on our own. He gave us what we needed.


Speak Openly and Honestly

My husband is a trial attorney. He makes it a practice to never ask a question that he does not already know the answer to. It’s remarkable to me that even though Dr. Fibus is unpredictable, meaning you never know what he is going to say or do, my husband continues to speak openly and honestly with the doctor. They have a straight forward and candid relationship that works.


A Big Accomplishment For Us

I honestly believe that my husband listens and understands me better now, even if he doesn’t always agree. That’s a big accomplishment for us.


Ana’s Credentials Seem Impeccable

A young girl in our neighborhood really needs help. She has had weak parental supervision and she requires more help than we are capable of providing to her. My pediatrician referred us to Dr. Fibus, who subsequently suggested that we contact Ana Martinez in his office. Ana specializes in the challenges of young, adolescent girls and Ana’s credentials seem impeccable, both as a Seasoned School Psychologist and as a marriage family therapist intern. Because my husband and I trust the professionalism and the integrity of these two referring doctors, we have encouraged our young neighbor’s parents to “send their daughter to Ana’s “girls group”. I plan to write another comment after our neighbor attends a month or so of Ana’s group sessions.


Talk Less ans Say More

My wife has learned to talk less and say more. It’s easier to listen to her now.


Distinct Quality of Work

Dr. Fibus was referred to us by Yelp. We initially made an appointment with Dr. Fibus just because he was close to our house. Now that we have had a chance to experience the distinct quality of his work, we would actually be willing to travel quite a far distance to continue working with him.


Successful as a Married Couple

My girlfriend wanted me to marry her and I just wasn’t sure what to do. I loved her, but there were a lot of “buts”. What if we turned out like all the other miserable, failure marriages that I had witness throughout my lifetime? My mom and dad got divorced when we kids were still in grammar school. Both of my parents got remarried and then my mom got divorced from her second husband too. I have never really gotten over their breaking up. There weren’t any good [marriage] role models for me to emulate. Premarital counseling with the good doc helped a lot. Dr. Fibus helped the two of us to talk about things in a way that we really got to the stuff that mattered. Some of the things we explored weren’t that comfortable but it was very important to do. I have since proposed to my girlfriend and she is now my fiancée. We both feel like we can be successful as a married couple because of the preparation work we have done with Dr. Fibus. We plan to do regular sessions with Dr. Fibus, after we get married, to keep us on the prosperity track.


Warm, Caring and Take Charge Demeanor

Last Thanksgiving, my partner and I were having a huge problem in our relationship and we were about to break up. We put out a call to several therapists, fully aware that probably none of the doctors would return our call until the Thanksgiving holiday was over. Dr. Fibus actually called back immediately and was willing to see us within hours of my calling. His warm, caring and take charge demeanor comforted both of us and we both allowed him to help us.


More Successful Than We Ever Could Have Imagined

In the “Motion Picture Business”, it’s not uncommon to regularly find employment thousands of miles away from one’s family and home. Many times, these jobs last for months on end. For the last 25 years, my husband and I, and our kids, have gotten accustomed to this life style. We never questioned our frequent physical separations because it has paid our mortgage, provided us a good life and put our kids through school. Six months ago, while I was away on location shooting a motion picture film, loneliness overtook me and I had an affair. To make a long horrible story very short, WE REALLY NEEDED HELP. I got our family into a jam bigger than any of us knew how to get ourselves out of (including our kids). Dr. Fibus knew how to skillfully handle our mess and he did just that. My affair is over. We are still together and we love one another. Our children are feeling more secure now and as Dr. Fibus predicted, our marriage is presently “even more successful than we ever could have imagined possible”. It took a lot of hard work but it was worth it.


Most Down to Earth Person I've Met

My gynecologist surprised me when he posed an unexpected question. He asked, “Is the pain you experience when you have sex with your husband more physical or is it more psychological”? If anyone other than my gynecologist, who I adore, had asked me the same question, I would have been angry. But instead, I smiled and asked, what do you mean? It was a direct and intelligent question and I had actually wondered the same thing myself. Before my gynecologist asked, I was afraid to think about it.

That discussion led to my having an appointment with Dr. M. Jay Fibus who specializes in helping people explore the psychological aspects of their sexual anxieties. Dr. Fibus is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. Somehow, I found myself comfortably exploring intimate aspect of my life with a professional who understands and cares. We concluded that some of my physical pain is physiologic in origin and there is also a psychological component which has been exacerbating the pain. With Dr. Fibus and my gynecologist working together collaboratively, the pain has been greatly reduced. Sex with my husband is more comfortable and enjoyable.


Now I Understand My Love

I definitely loved my husband, but I knew that I wasn’t “In Love” with him. Dr. Fibus had an interesting way of explaining how what I was feeling is the normal and healthy state of most people in good marriages. I’ve always loved my husband and now I understand my love.


Our Romance Is Real

The spark was out of our marriage. Both of us wished we were feeling more passionate toward one another but we didn’t feel it. After twelve stimulating and interactive sessions with Dr. Fibus, our romance is real and we know how to keep the embers glowing. It’s beautiful, amazing and wonderful.


Supported Our Marriage to Make Us Winners

We were about to be married and I was afraid that we could eventually, easily become like most of the unhappy couples around us in Los Angeles. Dr. Fibus taught and challenged. He has tenaciously supported our marriage to make us winners.


We Are Satisfied

Dr. Fibus did everything we asked for or expected him to do, so we are satisfied.


A Good Referral

My Priest gave me several names to call and them pointed to Dr. Fibus’ name and said, “That’s the guy I suggest you go to”. That’s what I did and it was a good referral.


Definitely Unique and One Of A Kind

While shopping at the Whole Foods Market on Ventura Blvd., in Tarzana, I noticed a couple in their mid 50’s who were obviously annoyed with one another. What interested me was the way they were handling their disagreement. The man stopped what he was doing and respectfully listened while his wife vigorously confronted him and let him know that she did not like what he had just put into their shopping cart because she felt it was unhealthy. When she was done, the gentleman assertively but considerately told his wife that although he didn’t really understand why she was so upset and he didn’t agree with her, she was much more important to him then the item from the salad bar that he had just put into a box and placed in their basket. In a very strong and manly way, he offered to take it out of their basket and put it back because it seemed to be bothering her so much. When he said that, I noticed that she cracked a flirtatious little smile, winked at him and said, “You don’t have to do that honey, I’m fine”. They both walked away seemingly happy and I thought to myself, “wow, that was really progressive, I wish my marriage was like that”.

Several months later, after a rough weekend fighting with my husband, my husband searched out, interviewed and then picked the relationship therapist he thought was best for us. Then my husband asked me if I would be willing to go with him for a session with this doctor. agreed to go, because we were definitely having problems communicating and being nice to one another.

When we walked into Dr. Fibus’ office, it took me only a couple of minutes to realize that Dr. Fibus was that man in the Whole Foods market. I liked him instantly. It took a while for my husband to make up his mind, but by the end of our session, we were both sold on returning for another session. Dr. Fibus is definitely unique and one of a kind. That being said, the man knows what he’s doing and our marriage is categorically improving.


We Have a Stronger Marriage

"Dr. Fibus got us through a hard and unpleasant segment of our marriage. Despite the unpleasant aspects of the affair, we’ve learned how to address the issue and our marriage is now much stronger and healthier than before the incident."

— Growing Couple (Studio City, CA)


Family Role Model

“I have been so greatful that I have learned to use the skills that Dr Fibus’ Transform Your Powerful Feelings Into Positive Passion Program taught in the program, and will persevere to be a model for my family to help them grow and be able to heal their childhood wounds and design their life. I still have a lot to work on to improve myself (empowerment). I strongly recommend the program and will talk about it to friends and colleagues. It is a very wise and good investment for self-development.”

— 36 year old man (Malabu, CA)



“I consulted with Dr. Fibus because of my history with anxiety and depression. I had been on antidepressant medication for years, but wanted to stop taking it because of negative side effects. After about 10 sessions of neurofeedback I felt much better, more energized and activated, yet calm and relaxed. Now after twenty sessions, I am no longer experiencing mood swings and I don’t take antidepressant medication anymore My husband is thrilled, my kids are thrilled. My husband often tells me, “It’s so great to have you back”! I highly recommend neurofeedback as a great alternative to medication.”

— 47 year old women (Burbank, CA)


Innovative & Refreshing

Your intuitive talent to know just what to say or do to help a couple has always impressed me. The other part is you have the guts to do it. The field of psychology has greatly benefited by your innovative and refreshing approaches with the couples you have helped. You”ve taught me a great deal and inspire me.

— Fitzhugh Dodson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, U.S.C. B.A. Divinity, Yale University