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I have been working in the field of mental health for a long time and have seen a wide array of issues come before me. What I have found is that most of us want to be “happy” depending on what that is and, with that ultimate goal in mind, have difficulty in managing the ever-present curve ball that aims to throw us off-balance.

man outsideI understand what it means to feel helpless or powerless over something. Stress can impact our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health if not treated in some fashion. Therapy in anxiety and stress management, compassion fatigue, and burnout requires listening, as each individual suffers from different triggers to stressful events and copes with such events in their own way. I believe that each of us has our own learning curve that is to be respected, which means we can move forward from wherever your starting point is.

Part of finding the balance we seek is learning how to increase our resilience, emotional and mental flexibility, and tolerance to the things that are simply not within our control.

As a specialist in anxiety and stress management, with specific knowledge in the areas of compassion fatigue and burnout, I look for sources of stress, your reaction to such stressors, discuss how you might have handled the situation differently, and discuss plans to move forward and to better prepare for future issues that will inevitably arise in order to help restore personal balance.

Each of us has varying levels of tolerance to stress and differences in how we cope with individual stressors. That being said, stress management is about learning how to cope with stress in healthy ways and to acknowledge that for every problem there is a solution.

Learn how to restore balance and understand how application of clinically proven techniques, such as working through denial and practicing forgiveness can give you perspective on what is important in your life.

My Approach To Treating and Managing Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety… Is It Good or Bad?

Anxiety, like sadness or joy, is a part of life. We cannot avoid it. However, we can learn to manage it. Anxiety can be healthy, but too much of it can cause a disruption in our lives. Anxiety and stress can shield us from moving forward because we perceive the reality of a situation as being worse than it is or don’t know how to manage the pace of our lives.

When we experience anxiety, we feel it. Our heart rate goes up, breathing becomes shallower, we sweat, and so on. This is our natural response to a perceived threat. However, chronic activation of our stress response can have lasting effects on our mental, emotional, and physical healt

The Many Faces of Stress

Stress is that thing that seems to get in the way of life. Without it, we would be fine, right? Well, truthfully, there are different kinds of stress. Some stress is healthier than others, but how we adapt to the changes stress can create and how we adjust to the impact of stress in our lives is what ultimately predicts how we feel.

What It Means To Have Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

Another way to describe compassion fatigue is caregiver stress, secondary trauma, or vicarious trauma. A helping professional or anyone who has cared for another and felt emotionally and physically exhausted, grown cynical, found it difficult to care about things by the end of the day, or lost their sense of trust, sense of humor, sense of safety, or lost hope is likely suffering from the negative effects of compassion fatigue and/or burnout.

Sometimes, burnout occurs at the same time as compassion fatigue and, often as a result of feeling that there is a lack of supportive resources available to us. This is quite common, especially with those who have chosen a profession to help others at any cost. Often, that cost is a lack of awareness and an increased need for self-care.

My Unique Approach To Treating Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

Dr. FibusI always say if we fall on our face, at least we are moving forward. It can be difficult to put things in perspective and to remember that context plays a part in how we feel. In other words, what seems hopeless and dire and difficult today may not be that way tomorrow.

I can help you find balance through experiential exercises that facilitate personal growth and provide consistent, sustainable balance through knowledge and practice of well-established self-care techniques.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy day and take care of yourself by learning about self-care and how it can bring you feelings of balance and calm.

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