Issues That May Be Helped with Girls Group Therapy

Issues That May Be Helped with Girls Group Therapy thumbnail image

This generation of women has a more solidified idea of what it means to embody the role of a woman. Identifying that role and learning how to be a strong women means finding your true self-identity. Who are you going to be? How are you going to present yourself to society? What do you truly want? How do your daily choices help you reach those goals? What would you like to see differently?

Group TherapyMany problems stem from a lack of good communication between parents and children. There seem to be higher rates of anxiety as children grow unequipped to handle stress. Many children seek help to deal with psychological and physical feelings of stress. Another prevalent struggle for children is self-identity and finding themselves, with problems ranging from sexual orientation to eating disorders. A large part of these problems may develop from a feeling of isolation and not belonging to something bigger. It is important for parents to be familiar with their children’s friends. Parents should talk and listen to their children’s stories about their friends to determine if they have healthy personal connections.

Every individual has a historical background that influences how they perceive events. How they experience an event is their reality and may differ from how another person perceives that same event. Oftentimes, parents may have trouble accepting that their adolescent’s perception differs from their own and thus misunderstand the problems that their child is undergoing. Parents always want what is best for their child, but they may also incorrectly assume that they know what is best for their child. When there is a difference in how parents and adolescents perceive a situation, miscommunication and misunderstanding can happen. Counseling may help adolescents work through problems and clarify what they need to do.

Divorce Impacting Their Children

Each respective parent makes up half of their child. Thus, if one parent insults the other parent, they hurt the child by insulting a part of that child. Hearing negative comments about the other parent hurts the child because they may still love and admire that parent. Parents should move beyond their personal hurt to find the good in the other parent, which will allow them to grow. Receiving counseling can help both parents become better parents and improve in their next relationships. In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes, they must be able to honestly reflect on their own actions in their past relationship. By improving their communication, understanding, and listening, parents can ensure better future relationships with potential partners and their own children.

Girls Getting Attention

Adolescents may sometimes engage in intimacy without understanding what it means emotionally and sexually. This is a way to fit in and feel wanted. However, if adolescents have self-confidence, they do not need to resort to such means to get attention. Therapists can help adolescents, especially girls, feel self-confident by talking about their goals and identifying their true selves. Everyone has different selves, but there is a true self that can be found through potentially difficult conversations and honest self-reflection.


Sexting is a huge problem, especially with minors. It can encompass everything from child pornography to sharing intimate details with strangers on social media. Thus, self-confidence is crucial in developing one’s sense of identity and determining right from wrong. If adolescents have a well-formed sense of right and wrong, they know the consequences of sexting and will most likely not engage in it. More about Girls Group Therapy