The Ten Golden Minutes

The Ten Golden Minutes

June 14, 2019
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A satisfying sexual marriageIn this six-part series of articles I’m going to share a Relationship Process that will increase both the quality and quantity of your communication (as a couple) by at least 300% beyond what the Average Couple in the United States Experiences. I call this relationship program your "10 Golden (daily) Minutes". By using this process for just 10 minutes daily, you and your spouse will begin to develop a habit that will bring you a closer, more intimate and quality relationship than you would have ever dreamed possible. It really works! Try it.

The "10 Golden (daily) Minutes" Program has Five Simple Proactive steps:

To learn more, please visit our blog to keep up with this ongoing series of articles based on my 10 Golden Minutes process or start here.

Our Unique Approach

For the past 33 years, Dr. Fibus’ clients have been learning to take charge (control) of their emotions, relationships and lives. Known for his versatile, creative and customized approaches, Dr. Fibus catches clients doing things right and directs them to Soar With Their Strengths. Nationally recognized as a seasoned relationship expert, Dr. Fibus creates a challenging opportunity for couples to evolve themselves into the top 5% of happy, healthy and successful partnerships and marriages. Free 10 Minute Consultation

Why Clients Have Found Success With Us

We understand the tenets of anger. We know that anger that is poorly managed can be counterproductive and unhealthy.

When anger is misdirected or overly aggressive, it can lead to poor decision making processes and affect your work, close relationships, and your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health.

We help you take on varying perspectives to your unique problems in an effort to open your mind to the possibility of change, whereby you make subtle, but significant changes to a healthier, better adjusted you.

How Do We Move Forward?

Seeking the support of a therapist (relationship expert) can sometimes seem difficult, if not overwhelming. From the minute you call Dr. Fibus’ office to the moment you walk through our office door, you will find comfort in a capable and understanding doctor whose flexibility and knowledge can help you meet your relationship goals.

Dr. Fibus and his team create an environment where comfort and privacy are at the forefront, and focus on care to facilitate growth for the couple and for the individuals who desire growth within their relationship.

Our Testimonials


Much to Gain!

Whether your troubles consist of trust, resentment, or anger management issues that seem to plague the relationship, or it involves a breakdown in communication, intimacy, or compatibility, Dr. Fibus and his team of relationship, couples, and marriage counselors can help you reframe your perceived weaknesses as potential strengths from which to move forward in the direction of your goals. Sincerity, compassion, and understanding are not what set us apart.

Any effective individual or marriage therapist will provide that. It is with honest reflection, innovation, flexibility, and knowledge of systems and how the mind, body, and spirit interact that give us proven results in couples counseling.

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

You’re Almost There… Just Call or Email…

Give your relationship the chance it deserves…with real therapy that has been proven to be effective and with someone with over thirty years of recognized experience. Better communication, increased clarity, empowerment in defining where your happiness lies, and learning how to be better to yourself and to the one you love are just the tip of the iceberg of the things you can do with proven, effective marriage and couples counseling. Call today

Dr. Fibus, your patience and compassion kept us in our chairs, but your skill and understanding of relationships guided us toward renewed commitment that will last a long time. We are deeply grateful for your help.