Ten Golden Daily Minutes: Appreciations

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10GoldenDailyMinutesStep1Hello, I’m Dr. M. Jay Fibus and this is Your New Year’s Relationship Gift for 2015! I’m going to share a Relationship Process over the next that will increase both the quality and quantity of your communication [as a couple] by at least 300% beyond what the Average Couple in the United States Experiences

I call this relationship program your “10 Golden (daily) Minutes”.


Your brain is programmed to SEARCH for exactly what you ask!

If you direct your computer [Your Brain] to search for answers to the negative question “What has your spouse done WRONG” or “What DON’T YOU APPRECIATE” about your spouse, your brain will give you exactly what you ask for. Your negative brain search will overwhelm and weigh you down with a long, disgustingly detailed list of EVERY negative and troubled thought and feeling you have ever experienced with your spouse.

But, why would you want to search for such wounding negativity, especially when you have a positive option? That kind of negativity would be unhealthy insanity. Don’t you agree

On The Other Hand…

When you choose to proactively search for “HONEST POSITIVES” about your spouse, your mind is occupied and overwhelmed with Happy, Healthy and Empowering thoughts and feelings.

When you ask yourself, “What are the Three things that I APPRECIATE (MOST) about my husband or wife, you are commencing a three part process.

First, you are directing your internal computer (your brain) to compile an exhaustively thorough and complete list of every positive moment you have ever enjoyed with your partner.

Second, you are quickly immersed in re-experiencing each of those wonderful moments in your head, so you can sort each (positive) experience with a ranked value scale to determine how much you actually appreciate each one.

And third, the real enjoyment comes when you get to luxuriate in a sea of wonderful visual, auditory and kinesthetic memories, with an interesting and provocatively challenging twist. You get to pick the three positive ATTRIBUTES YOU VALUE MOST about your partner.

Can you imagine what your Relationship, your “Return On Investment” (ROI) will be if you devote at least 90% of your time, energy and money “Thinking about”, “Talking about” and “Acting on” what you Value & APPRECIATE MOST about your spouse?

Imagine how healthy & wealthy you and your relationship can be. By simply paying attention to what we like, rather than to what we don’t like about our husband or wife, our relationship and our life together becomes creative and way more enjoyable.

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