A Satisfying Sexual Marriage

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A satisfying sexual marriageSex is not the central ingredient in a happy marriage. However, being sexually intimate is an integral part of the marital bond. Not only does it reinforce your passion for each other, it energizes you as a couple. Sex in marriage has a cyclical effect. If a couple’s sex life is poor, it can depress and negate other parts of the marriage. Likewise, if a couple is having difficulty in another area of the relationship, their sex life will most likely suffer.

Of course, no couple’s sex life is always perfect. In every marriage, one or both partners can become bored with the routine sexual activity. Although this is common, it is important to share satisfying interactions to return to sexual fulfillment within the marriage. There are three elements to a satisfying relationship:

Feelings of intimacy and desire.

There are many aspects to marriages. Many couples form a bond as close friends and confidants. Some challenge each other to excel. But what separates married couples from friends is the intimacy that comes with marriage. If intimacy and passion seem to be lacking in your marriage, it is important to work on rekindling it together. To collaborate to reignite passion in your relationship, you will need the second element.

Comfort with sexual communication and making sexual requests.

Sex can be a taboo subject to talk about. Many people were raised to believe that talking about sexuality was shameful. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with our spouse what will aid in rekindling desire. However, doing this is essential to a satisfying sex life. Your spouse is not a mind reader. He or she cannot know what you need to be sexually fulfilled without your communication. Start out by explaining to your partner that it is a difficult subject to discuss. Let your partner help you feel comfortable in expressing your needs.

Functional and pleasurable sexual expression.

They say that practice makes perfect, and sexual satisfaction is no different. If you are not sure what will fulfill you sexually, experiment. Work together with your partner to explore possibilities of stimulation, intercourse positions, and orgasm. The process will not only result in a more satisfying physical sex life, it will also bring you together as a couple and promote a deeper level of overall intimacy in your marriage.

(Source: Couple Sexual Awareness by Barry and Emily McCarthy)

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