Anxiety and Worry

Anxiety and Worry

June 14, 2019
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Stress ResponseUse of Neurofeedback to Reduce Worry and Anxiety Worry and anxiety are part of the same range of behaviors and they are particularly responsive to neurofeedback training. How people experience their own worry and anxiety can vary tremendously, from total lack of awareness to constant attention on near-obsessive behavior, such as perfectionism. Their anxiety may vary in degree, from mild to extreme; it may be specific to an activity or aspect of life or it may be a more general malaise. For some people, constant anxiety may even provide a certain level of comfort; “Type-A” individuals may be so driven by reward that they see their behavior as necessary and unrelated to anxiety. But whether or not they are aware of it, people with anxiety are experiencing potentially debilitating physiological as well as psychological disturbances. These may include rapid heartbeat, sweating, a change in breathing patterns and even disturbed sleep. By first focusing on the body’s response to anxiety and worry, neurofeedback increases awareness even as it introduces a new level of calm and control. Less physical agitation helps the individual to respond in a more controlled and effective manner; this improved reaction-response can benefit daily activities, health, job-related performance and relationships. With continued neurofeedback training, as calm takes over for the habit of anxiety, the individual experiences greater achievement, improved self-esteem and a better quality of life. For a free phone consult, call Dr. Fibus at 818.395.2831.

Our Unique Approach

For the past 33 years, Dr. Fibus’ clients have been learning to take charge (control) of their emotions, relationships and lives. Known for his versatile, creative and customized approaches, Dr. Fibus catches clients doing things right and directs them to Soar With Their Strengths. Nationally recognized as a seasoned relationship expert, Dr. Fibus creates a challenging opportunity for couples to evolve themselves into the top 5% of happy, healthy and successful partnerships and marriages. Free 10 Minute Consultation

What Sets Us Apart

Gain Powerful Strategies and Treatments for Your Mind, Your Body & Your Spirit

We use traditional Anger Management remedies and evidenced-based practices to give you a personal look at your anger and the elements that contribute to the negative impact it might be in your life. We utilize Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and systemic strategies to provide perspective on how you affect your immediate world with your anger and offer relaxation tools to get you to a place where you feel better prepared for whatever lay ahead.

We are uniquely trained in getting to the core of issues to help you transform your understanding of, not only anger, but emotions as a whole. Along with traditional approaches, we use neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback Works

How Does Neurofeedback Work to Decrease My Anger?

A responding Yes!!!

Neurofeedback is a powerful and effective tool that facilitates an inherent management of negative symptoms associated with anger.

Neurofeedback, or brain training, helps an individual regulate poorly-managed reactions, such as anger. Out-of-control anger is one of the emotions that is particularly responsive to this easy treatment.

With the help of neurofeedback, we strive to put the individual in charge of his or her anger instead of the anger being in charge of the individual. Using neurofeedback helps the therapist connect to you in a way that is present, helping you to see how your own brain functions and connecting to you on a level that is within your awareness and subtly changing the function of how you control your own emotions. In doing so, neurofeedback, along with traditional methods of reframing your perceptions of self and the world can limit the consequences of emotions being out of control.


“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned”

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What It Means to Change

butterflyTo bring neurofeedback and anger management into focus, it is similar to the way a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Caterpillars move unassumingly and are seen as the often unattractive counterpart to the more beautiful butterfly. With that said, caterpillars inevitably cocoon themselves for some time in order to transform into something they never knew possible. Going into therapy for anger management is quite similar and neurofeedback facilitates change on an inherent and subtle level. We go into therapy hoping for some change, but ultimately uncertain of the outcome, and faith in our capacity for growth becomes its own motivation. Perhaps, we are all caterpillars slowly making our way through a life of relative uncertainty. However, for those willing to take a leap of faith whilst making strides toward a better self, the potential for us to become that much more can provide a great foundation for a renewed self and might even yield something for us more than what we imagined possible.

Think About It

What we have found in our many years of experience, and consistent with supporting research, is that helping people with anger management issues is correlated to better management of other symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, trauma, sleep issues, self esteem, and attention deficits.

As mentioned above, and likely in your own experience, anger brings about quick reactions. In scientific terms, our anger, which comes from the least evolved part of the brain, shuts down our executive functioning (decision-making processes) in the pre-frontal cortex. In other words, the brain goes into a tailspin and we don’t think rationally when anger comes into play. We think most rationally and clearly when we are calm and present.

So, helping the brain to relax and increase the brain’s ability to self-regulate with neurofeedback and utilizing cognitive tools to help you understand how you see the world in order to change negative perceptions is a recipe for living healthier lives that affect your mind, body, and spirit!