Ten Golden Daily Minutes: New Information

Ten Golden Daily Minutes: New Information thumbnail image


Offer your spouse new information, that you might not ordinarily have taken the time to share with them.

For Example:

By the way, the postman left this package at the door today.

I got an e-mail from Bob yesterday that I thought you’d like to know about.

We got a note from Bobby’s school and he’s doing great.

The police finally arrested the serial killer that lives next door.

It’s amazing how just a small piece of new shared information can begin to create a new level of rapport and intimacy between the two of you. When you take the time to share, especially the small things [which are BIG], the intimacy of the communication is actually what brings the two of you closer together. This type of verbal intercourse is what the top 5% of happy and healthy couples do regularly. The “10 Golden Minutes” stays this easy all the way through the process!

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