Anger Management

Feeding Our Anger

Anger is like fire: it cannot survive without fuel. Like fire, unchecked anger can grow out of control and cause enormous damage and pain. But also like fire, anger can be recognized, controlled and managed in our lives. The fuel that keeps anger burning can come from many sources – from problems at work or … Continue reading "Feeding Our Anger"
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Anger Management Defined

Do you control your anger or does your anger control you?Anger is uncontrolled conflict and anger hurting your career, relationship or family? If you’re ready to break the conflict/anger habit, Dr. Fibus can help you achieve life-altering results. You will not only acquire tools to identify and defuse conflict and anger before they get out … Continue reading "Anger Management Defined"
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Managing Anger

Anger may be our most confusing emotion. It’s confusing, in part, because as children we are given various, and often conflicting, cultural messages about anger. We may be told that it’s bad to show anger even as we’re encouraged to admire the “manliness” of a seething father. We may associate anger with a parent’s violence. … Continue reading "Managing Anger"
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