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Anger in Children

Dr. Fibus believes that even the angriest individuals can learn to recognize and channel their anger through the development of better communication skills and other practical approaches. His counseling provides immediate, tangible results and long-lasting tools that can reduce anger and enhance job satisfaction.

Other children are taught that anger is bad and shameful and that they should avoid expressing anger.

Unfortunately, this lesson often backfires. Like that river overflowing its banks, repressed anger may cause a child to lash out at objects, animals, family members, friends, strangers or him- or herself. Fortunately, children can learn anger management skills that will allow them to recognize triggers, identify and appreciate angry feelings, express emotions productively and confront and solve problems that may lead to anger.

Dr. Fibus, himself a father, uses a variety of age-appropriate approaches to guide each child through the unique circumstances of their own emotions. With a special concern for the child’s safety and a focus on building long-lasting skills that will solve immediate and future problems, Dr. Fibus helps children acquire the tools they need to become highly-functional, well-adjusted, happy adults.

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