Treating Bipolar Disorder with Neurofeedback

Treating Bipolar Disorder with Neurofeedback thumbnail image

Once known as “manic depression,” bipolar disorder is today managed primarily with medication. But the prescribed chemicals that regulate mood swings may cause side effects, require years of testing and adjusting and can also flatten the individual’s emotions.

The evidence is positive for the use of neurofeedback as a successful adjunct treatment for bipolar disorder. Most individuals remain on their prescribed medications during the neurofeedback sessions. As they begin experiencing some of the benefits of neurofeedback, and in coordination with their prescribing physician, they may decide to gradually reduce the medication dosage. (NOTE: always seek the advice of a physician before changing the dosage of any medication.)

Even if an individual with bipolar disorder prefers to remain on medication, they are likely to enjoy substantial benefits from neurofeedback, including a greater feeling of control and calm and a more focused engagement in the world.

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