Neurofeedback and Relationships

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Why Dr. Fibus Includes Neuro-feedback in his Relationship Program

Neurofeedback, or “brain training,” helps a person pay attention, focus, empathize and be less emotionally reactive in upsetting situations.

Just as neurofeedback can benefit individuals by showing them how to guide themselves toward more appropriate behavior, it can also help couples seeking positive change in the direction of their marriage.

When I see a couple struggling, I particularly notice what is working in their relationship and build on that. To make positive changes in a relationship, to build on what’s working, requires exactly the kind of focus, attention and empathy that can be improved through neurofeedback.

When brain training is included in the relationship counseling process, couples are more able to grasp and use the techniques they learn. Neurofeedback can reduce or remove the obstructions to the good communication that is essential to an enriching relationship. It can also improve contentment of both the individuals and the couple.

Neurofeedback is a simple tool that helps individuals and couples to move forward through their challenges.

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