Anger Management

Anger and Expectations

Why Expectations Make Us AngryFor those who struggle with anger, the world seems to be packed with triggers. One moment things seem calm and normal and the next moment, we explode. If this sounds familiar, consider the trigger effect of expectations. From our earliest awareness, our parents and teachers ask us"Did you" questions:Did you put … Continue reading "Anger and Expectations"
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Anger Destroys Trust

Trust is one of the most basic requirements for true closeness between people. We might feel connected with those who share our work, history, family ties, community or spiritual practice, but without trust we will not experience the same depth of feeling or intimacy in the relationship.Trust allows us to lower our barriers, to be … Continue reading "Anger Destroys Trust"
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Angry People Have Needs Too

All living creatures have needs. But in addition to our basic life-sustaining physical needs, people have needs for affection, connection, understanding, appreciation, intimacy and compassion, among other feelings within our relationships.Our anger may make it particularly hard for us to express our needs. We may believe that we shouldn’t have to express them – that … Continue reading "Angry People Have Needs Too"
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