Main Areas of Couples Self-Care

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Couples Self-Care

Growing a great relationshipEveryone knows that the best way to stay happy and healthy is to take care of yourself.  This means taking time out of your schedule for “me” time and relaxation.  However, there are also ways to take care of yourself with your partner as a couple. Working together to achieve health and happiness can be rewarding for you as an individual and also as a couple.  By working toward a mutual goal, you can become closer. There are four main areas in which you can explore couples self-care. Physical There are articles and books everywhere about the importance of exercising, eating right, and managing stress.  Add your partner into the mix and you are bound to reap the benefits. For exercise, try a new activity with your partner.  Maybe you have always wanted to try tennis.  Round up a couple of rackets and go to the local tennis court.  If your partner has always had a passion for rock climbing, join in.  By experiencing a physical activity together, you will bond over the experience and get in better physical shape. Eating wholesome and nutritious foods can be difficult in you have a fast-paced life.  But incorporating healthy eating into your relationship can make the transition easier.  Take some time to brainstorm together healthy foods you both enjoy. Then research recipes or create new ones.  Make it a new activity in your marriage to cook together, using fresh and healthy ingredients. Managing stress can be an elusive activity.  Different methods are effective for everyone.  If you are not sure what helps you manage stress, try some techniques like deep breathing or yoga.  To help each other manage stress, give each other massages after a long day.  Also, providing emotional support can take the burden off. Spiritual Being spiritual together does not necessarily mean being religious.  If you and your partner both are religious, practice your faith together.  Go to church together.  Pray together.  If you do not consider yourselves religious, consider meditating together or reading inspirational literature.  Looking through a lens of something bigger than just the two of you can help keep things in perspective and aid in recharging your batteries. Mental Many couples express that they love the fact that their partner keeps them mentally sharp.  Be sure to maintain this by engaging in mental self-care together.  Take some time on Sunday mornings to sit with a couple of mugs of coffee or tea and work on a crossword puzzle together. Team up for trivia with friends.  Visualize and plan your future together.  Also consider new hobbies and talents together. Take a pottery or archery class. Doing all of these things can keep your minds sharp while bringing you closer together. Social/Emotional Although taking care of yourself both as an individual and with your partner is important, in order to fully practice self-care you must also look outside of yourselves.  Spending time with friends and listening empathically to their stories can help you both become happier and healthier.  Also consider volunteering as a couple.  Not only will you be spending time together, you will be helping those in need. Engaging in couple’s self-care can be beneficial both to your individual health and wellness and the happiness of the relationship.  Keeping your partner physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally healthy will contribute to your overall sense of wellbeing and ensure a long and loving life together.