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Our Approach FAQ

Do you take the same approach for every individual that you work with?

Each client and couple gets a personalized program to meet their unique and distinctively individual needs.

I have had the opportunity to work with and address a broad spectrum of clients' personal challenges. Responding separately and uniquely to each of well over three-thousand cases in the last thirty years has provided me with an immense filing cabinet of subtle and effective tools to help clients grow a great relationship and thrive in marriage.

Do you just talk in session? What else do you do?

I use a variety of tactics in each session depending on the needs of my client's. We may engage in any of the following activities to help understand their struggles and reinforce positive behaviors.

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Dr. Fibus Reviews
A Stronger Marriage
"Dr. Fibus got us through a hard
segment of our marriage. We’ve learned
how to address the issues and now our
marriage is stronger."

— Growing Couple (Studio City, CA)

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Dr. Fibus, your patience and compassion kept us in our chairs, but your skill and
understanding of relationships guided us toward renewed commitment that will last
a long time. We are deeply grateful for your help.
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