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What Works Best For You?

If you’re busy
We’ll find a creative way to fit your schedule whether you are interested in short-term, intensive or ongoing counseling.

Therapy may be conducted in-person and by phone.
If you are flying in from out of town, we will customize the length of sessions, frequency and intensity to suit your personal needs.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is designed to address problems such as anxiety, depression, sexual concerns, communication issues, anger management, violence, incest, divorce, bereavement and self-esteem.

Couples Therapy
Well-suited for single, committed, engaged, married, separated, divorced and widowed individuals to explore relationship issues such as communication, intimacy, sexual issues, changing needs and bad habits. Learn conflict resolution, and how to do better next time.

Pre-marital counseling
Helps you explore and prepare for issues that may not come up until you have been married – sometimes for years. You will learn to create a happier and healthier relationship than approximately 95% of average married couples.

Sex therapy and counseling
Available for both individuals and couples, including counseling on fertility issues.

Family Therapy
Addresses issues of two-parent households, single-parent households, adoptions, blended families, divorce, adolescent issues, school problems and non-traditional families.

Also known as EEG Biofeedback or Neurotherapy, is a groundbreaking technique that challenges the brain to a higher level of performance. As with Dr. Fibus’s other coaching methods, Neurofeedback allows us to focus on and amplify what’s working well in your life by improving your brain function. For further information reagrding neurofeedback and how it can help your situation, refer to the neurofeedback section of this website.

Counseling by Phone
Available if time or distance make in-person meetings difficult for an individual or for one or both members of a couple. Single or regular phone sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

Counseling by phone can also be used for follow-up and “refresher” sessions after you’ve experienced the customized “Growing A Great Relationship Program”

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Dr. Fibus Reviews
A Stronger Marriage
"Dr. Fibus got us through a hard
segment of our marriage. We’ve learned
how to address the issues and now our
marriage is stronger."

— Growing Couple (Studio City, CA)

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Dr. Fibus, your patience and compassion kept us in our chairs, but your skill and
understanding of relationships guided us toward renewed commitment that will last
a long time. We are deeply grateful for your help.
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