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Treating Headaches

Treating Headaches and Migraines with Neurofeedback

As our medical system becomes more prescription-driven, the solution for headache and migraine is ever more likely to be a pill. Certainly, as anyone who has had a headache knows, the sooner the discomfort is relieved, the better. But while prescription and over-the-counter medications offer fairly rapid relief, the relief is only temporary.

Over the course of a number of training sessions, neurofeedback offers a long-lasting solution for those who experience tension headaches, cluster headaches and/or migraines. In some cases, a “booster” session is a valuable supplement to the completed brain training.

It is well known that there is a correlation between migraine and lifestyle or diet, and that certain substances (chocolate, coffee, red wine, aged cheese, etc.) may trigger migraine. Our recommendation is for a combination of treatment and dietary measures. Of course patients should always check with their prescribing physician before reducing or eliminating any medication.

Many people who have found relief in neurofeedback suffered for years or decades with recurrent migraine, had tried many other methods and only turned to brain training as a desperate measure when nothing else worked. With the help of neurofeedback, they were able to resume their normal lives and control developing migraines before they took hold.

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