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Realtionships: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if it’s me, my spouse, or our relationship that’s the problem?

When we address “couple” issues in counseling, we don’t look for someone to blame; we look for what is working in the relationship and use that as a foundation to build future success.

Even if your problems seem entirely one-sided—“my spouse is cheating on me”—we approach it as a couple issue and work as a team to solve the problem. If you or your spouse have individual concerns, we can address those as well.

There’s nothing wrong with our relationship except that it’s boring. Can coaching help?

Yes! Every couple deserves a rich, rewarding, exciting relationship, regardless of partners' age or how long they’ve been together. Relationship coaching can help you re-ignite your spark and find new meaning and commitment within your relationship.

What is pre-marital counseling?

When two people get married—whatever their ages, and whether it’s for the first time or a subsequent marriage for one or both—they always hope that this relationship will be “forever.” But in our divorce-prone society, few couples have the knowledge or tools necessary to keep their marriage healthy once the initial excitement is past.

Getting married without the right knowledge and tools is like crossing the ocean in a rowboat without oars, sails, a motor, water, sunscreen, books or anything to eat; and expecting to make it armed with only hope.

Pre-marital counseling helps couples assemble their tools, including the resources they already have within themselves. It helps them recognize and deal with small issues before they become big problems and opens up new channels of communication that work for the twosome.

Counseling helps couples avoid the relationship pitfalls that lead to unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and divorce in 95% of marriages. In a safe, neutral environment, couples address issues that can be difficult to talk about, such as money, anger and sex.

When do you encourage clients to return for tune-ups?

As a couple, you will be encouraged to commit to a minimum of twelve weeks of relationship coaching. You will be asked to enter the program with serious intent to learn how to love one another, feel safe as a couple, and work together as a unit.

As with any new skill, once you learn to create health, happiness and prosperity together, you must continue to “use it or lose it”. It’s helpful to periodically reinforce the healthy behavior, so you don’t go back to your old ways.

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