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The Causes of Anger

The Causes of Anger: they’re not all ‘out there’

Ask an angry person why she’s so angry and she’s likely to cite a long list of reasons – too much pressure, a nasty boss, a rebellious teenager, a car that’s broken down again, a spouse who’s not helpful, recent weight gain, and so on. The reasons don’t matter; what’s significant is that they’re all ‘out there,’ out of her control.

But while our anger may have triggers outside of ourselves, we often promote our own anger through our actions and habits.

For example:

Interestingly, when we focus on repairing our own habits of anger, we often experience a dramatic drop in the ‘out there’ reasons to be angry. Healing our past wounds and reversing our habits of anger requires commitment and help. But the rewards – restored relationships, renewed self-esteem, improved satisfaction with life and work – are tremendous, long-lasting and worthwhile.

A skilled therapist can help us identify the triggers for our anger and develop better ways of understanding, validating and expressing our feelings.

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