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Anxiety and Worry

Use of Neurofeedback to Reduce Worry and Anxiety

Worry and anxiety are part of the same range of behaviors and they are particularly responsive to neurofeedback training.

How people experience their own worry and anxiety can vary tremendously, from total lack of awareness to constant attention on near-obsessive behavior, such as perfectionism. Their anxiety may vary in degree, from mild to extreme; it may be specific to an activity or aspect of life or it may be a more general malaise.

For some people, constant anxiety may even provide a certain level of comfort; “Type-A” individuals may be so driven by reward that they see their behavior as necessary and unrelated to anxiety.

But whether or not they are aware of it, people with anxiety are experiencing potentially debilitating physiological as well as psychological disturbances. These may include rapid heartbeat, sweating, a change in breathing patterns and even disturbed sleep.

By first focusing on the body’s response to anxiety and worry, neurofeedback increases awareness even as it introduces a new level of calm and control. Less physical agitation helps the individual to respond in a more controlled and effective manner; this improved reaction-response can benefit daily activities, health, job-related performance and relationships.

With continued neurofeedback training, as calm takes over for the habit of anxiety, the individual experiences greater achievement, improved self-esteem and a better quality of life.

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